JoJo’s Hair Essence Hair and Scalp Refresher


Buildup on the scalp? Sour smell in your sewn in extensions? Locs have a musty stench? JoJo’s Hair Essence has exactly what you need! Try our hair and scalp refresher treatment!! Its a pre-poo which is anti-fungal, anti-itch and anti-inflammatory. This blend will help to lift build up off the scalp! Decrease or get rid of that sour smell.

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Product Description

JoJo’s Hair Essence Scalp Refreshing Treatment is a blend of essential oils, distilled water, and natural humectants to help lift build up off the scalp. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anti-fungal treatment that rejuvenates the hair, scalp and protective styles. Refresh your hair extensions (sew ins, crochet braids, box braids, locks etc). Eliminate foul smell and reduce build up. Make your scalp feel clean with JoJo’s Hair Essence Scalp Refresher.

Additional Information

Weight 18.60 oz
Dimensions 19.05 x 6.62 x 22.54 cm


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